27 July 2009

A few thoughts on the day Sarah Palin steps down as the Governor of Alaska.

I’ve had a few whacky ideas about Palin over the months since she came on the scene at the 2008 Republican Convention, mostly inspired by her whacky behavior on the campaign trail.  The main one, which didn’t prove to be true whatsoever, was that John McCain and/or his campaign team picked her for VP as a bait and switch move.

My idea was that they’d put Palin out there, inspiring everyone with her snappy speeches and her appeal to what has become known as The Base.  Then within a few weeks, she’d step down for some reason ("special needs baby" woulda worked, but it could have been anything) and McCain would pick some OTHER extreme conservative for VP running mate, but someone not so extreme.  The new pick would compare quite favorably and appeal to a more voters, and yet be someone The Base would be willing to vote for.  With the right pick, maybe McCain could have won the White House.  Alas, poor GOP, it was not to be.

Now, had the McCain camp followed my scenario, Palin would have been out of the picture before anyone had a chance to discover how out-there, how thoroughly  immersed right-wing-nuttery she was, and before her lack of experience was so disturbingly exposed by Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson and others.

I just didn’t think the GOP was that clueless.  I really thought they had something more clever up their metaphorical sleeve.


Anyway, reflecting on Palin’s resignation, I have another whacky thought.  The current playlet, which I hope proves just as unconnected with reality as my Bait and Switch scenario,  is that Palin is stepping down to join her husband in spirit and membership in the Alaskan Secession Party (or whatever it’s called), going on from the Governors office to help free Alaska from the oppression of the new Kenyan Socialist friend-of-terrorists Muslin now running her sacred America.

Gawd, hope I’m wrong.  I’m probably wrong.  Right?