31 July 2009

I didn’t used to be much of a fan of William Shatner, largely because I didn’t like Captain Kirk when I was a kid. I like him better now, but still find him to be a strange, strange man.

I haven’t been much of a Sarah Palin fan because she billed herself as competent to lead our country, and then said stupid and offensive things, sometimes outright lies, in her shrill voice and extreme tone.

I’ve never been much of a fan of beat poetry, bongos not withstanding, viewing it as rhythmically strange and annoyingly hoighty-toighty. Beat poets always seem to take themselves far too seriously.

But bring these three together, and magic happens. Who’da thunk? William Shatner, doing Sarah Palin speeches and tweets to the smooth backup of wood bass and bongos… somehow, it all fits together soooooo well…

Thanks Bill!