6 Aug 2009

If you pay any attention to the news lately, you can’t miss the hollering, rude fools interrupting Town Hall meetings around the country.  They don’t just voice their opinions, they shout them, and they often keep anyone else from being able to voice their opinions in these gatherings.

schoolhouserockbill2 But if that’s not bad enough, their understanding of how Congress does things is appalling.  I’m thinking we need to start mandating Civics classes again.  In the meantime, perhaps people should be required to review choice episodes of School House Rock, or at least the one on How a Bill Becomes a Law

Where the screaming stops long enough for these otherwise disruptive people to voice a somewhat coherent point, they seem clueless about how government works.  One questioner grilled her representative on whether he would vote on the health reform law, whether he had read it, basically trying to pin him down with a commitment that the bill would be voted on exactly as he had supposedly read it.  The poor representative tried to explain that there were already about 70 amendments to the proposed bill, and that it was still in process.  The poor gal didn’t really seem to understand that this is normal, that bills go through many changes on their way to hopeful passing by both houses of Congress.  It’s not to create subterfuge, or to trick the public – legislation changes as it moves through the process.

Hence my feeling that How a Bill Becomes a Law should be required viewing for all Americans.

It’s times like these that I don’t feel much faith in my fellow citizens.  In fact, they kind of scare me.  In fact, they kind of seem like flocks of big, misled sheep, or maybe it’s cows, because they’re all stampeding towards the edge of a cliff, mooing and moaning desperately about something completely imagined.

Maybe we need some wolves to turn the stampede?  Hmmmmm.