Episode 1:  31 March 2010

Okay.  Let’s try something new.

Everyday I read and watch stuff online, mostly political or religious, that strikes me, teaches me something, enlightens me a little, puts a new spin, or reaffirms an old one.  The bulk of the time, these are current posts to websites, but occasionally I dig up something old and thought provoking.

Then a week later, the idea comes up in conversation, and I can’t remember where I read this or that.  Drives me crazy.


I’m going to make a stab at trying to make notes on some of these discoveries.  Given my sporadic ability to write over the last few months, I’m not making any promises, especially to myself.  But I’ll give it a go, and see where it takes me.

Onward with yet another experiment at the fringes of the blogosphere – wish me luck!

– Sister A