Okay, from the gut:

First off, Obama is not the King.  He can’t just wave a scepter and demand some sealing was and Fix Things.  It doesn’t work that way (see: Constitution of the United States; balance of power).  Note: this applies to several U.S. and/or world crisis, not just the current environmental crisis precipitated by BP’s criminal mishandling of their oil operation.

Second, who gives a crap about whether the Prez is “emoting.”  I don’t care.  Seriously.  If anything, I’m relieved.  I confess, I liked Clinton (Mr.) a lot, but I could have done without a few moments of him Feeling Our Pain.  Obama is a breath of fresh, clear-headed air.  I voted (hired?) the guy to be a good administrator, delegator, and spokes-person-on-the-World-Stage.  I prefer, in fact deeply prefer, that he emote relatively little.

Third, give the guy a break.  Financial crisis. Two Wars. Crashing Economy.  Health Care aka Gordian knot. Repair respect on the World Stage. Etc, etc. etc, as the King of Siam would say.  Not to imply that, ya know, Obama’s a King.  Sometimes I wish, but he’s not…  And if his administration’s response to this latest disaster, and even Obama’s own response, are not to everyone’s exacting demands, well, what did you expect?  Perfection? Really?

I think the guy’s done a fair job, given the challenges.

Keep it up, Mr. Prez.  Your doin’ a damn sight better than that dude before you.