I was completely obsessed with the Sotomayor hearings last summer.  I couldn’t watch them live, but the Interwebs were very amiable.  Late in the evening, I’d start downloading the C-Span files, watching them carefully hour after hour. I caught up on my days off.  I watched (mostly online) every moment except for the last half of the 4th day.  And I took in the commentary.  And the news snippets.  And the online discussions at forums I lurk and talk at.


Now, a year later, Elena Kagan… not so much.

Part of it’s that I’m quite busy.  Part of it is that there haven’t been so many media moments leading up to the hearings. Still…

There’s a piece of the original puzzle – why was I so obsessed with the Sotomayor hearings? – that is directly related to why this time around, I’m not mesmerized.

Last time, it was still early not just in the Obama administration, but in the emerging Republican position as a minority party.  The Sotomayor hearings obsessed me because the conservative members were, via the questions posed in those hearings, laying out their point of view.  So were Democrats, but it seemed to me that the Dems were displaying the same philosophies and approaches as usual, while the Republican members were digging in.  Taking hardline versions of conservative views.  Posing questions to, in actuality, make statements in favor of their own viewpoints.

Like Lindsay Graham, on my tv right now, a re-airing of the segment where Kagan makes a much needed joke about being where most Jews would be on Christmas Day, in a Chinese Restaurant.  Graham playing this weird game: Not really asking questions, not really (at times) even letting Kagan answer him, interrupting her again and again to pontificate, phrasing his questions as “do you agree with…” leading to a veeeerrrrry long statement, which any normal person could both agree with and disagree with, given it’s various parts and nuances and phrasings.

“Do you agree…” implies a yes or no answer.  Smart woman: she refuses, most of the time, to get sucked into giving yes and no answers.

And after laying out a long winded lecture/question, after backing Kagan into a corner, acting like he’s going to attack whatever answer she gives, Graham wraps it up with, “That’s right, that’s why we agree, blah blah blah.”


But I digress.  A bit.

My point, my reason for writing this, is to note that this time around, I already know all the talking points the GOP are going to use, all the ways in which they ignore fact and history, all the weird versions of their world view, where success for Americans is bad for the country, where growth is a liberal plot, where protection of our lands, our children, our neighborhoods, our representative democracy, is some massive socialist scheme engineered by the left.

I’ve already heard it, already seen the way the Democratically controlled Congress lets them blather on and then gets the work done (in the case of Supreme Court Justice hearings) or not (in the case of jobs, economy, environment, energy and nearly everything useful about the government)


So far so good on Kagan.  Same ol’ same ol’ when it comes to the GOP.

I’ll probably look for highlights around the web, but my sense is, barring secret associations with Really Scary People And/Or Ideas, Elena Kagan will be confirmed as our newest Supreme Court Justice.  Nothing to see, move along, move along…