Oh my… cobwebs are accumulating again.

It’s hard to write.  It’s harder to write when the world is keeping me busy.  And that’s just when I should be writing.

I crack open the notebook (computer) to look in my mailbox, scan the Mudflats, spend a good amount of time reading my favorite political and economic blogs, check out the articles they link to, scan the front pages of my local papers, maybe HuffPo.

I notice that when it comes to the online versions of newspapers (web fronts to otherwise print paper, and aggregates like HuffPo), I scan headlines, read what seems interesting, and move on pretty quickly from article to article.  In that way, it’s much like reading the traditional print newspapers every morning.  Without the crackling.  The cat still jumps into the middle of what I’m reading; some things never change.

After all that, I go back to the Mudflats forum.  It’s sort of like the online front porch of the general store down the street.  I take a breather.  Then I check all the political blogs again.  I throw in some light reading along the way (White Whine, Juanita Jean, facebook).  I refill my coffee cup several times.

That whole routine takes me about an hour or more, and then it’s usually time to go to work, or get the day-off errands done.  With all that I’ve read and been sparked by, I have plenty to journalize about.  Time does not, however, permit.  Also: hard to physically write ones thoughts down when operating cars and vacuum cleaners.  Also, too:* very difficult to journalize when doing dishes.  But isn’t that just the time the thoughts are really spinning? Must be something about the water.

At night, it’s much the same routine (Mudflats, east-coast blog wrap-ups, catching up on my less-stringently tracked blogs), a dash of online news, and more Mudflats. 

And at that point (midnight or better once all I do after I get off work at 9pm or so) I’m too beat to write coherently.


I have so many thoughts, intermingled and unexplored and over-explored, and know writing would help me sort it out.  Such a jumble though – easier to look at the tangle of thoughts than to actually sort it out.  But it takes energy, focus. Timing my ability to maintaining focus is the crux of the matter.  And convincing myself that I don’t have to write it ALL down, complete and organized, is another hurdle to get over.

Maybe I should just go ahead and write incoherently.  It’s very quiet in here, after all.  No one will notice. 

Coherent or not, I need to push myself to write.  Even if it’s just about writing.  I’ll try.  Really.  This time.




* to Palinize the tangent of thought…