In Less Than A Minute Alan Grayson Explains Occupy Wall Street To The 1 Percent – YouTube.

I keep talking to people about both our local Occupy movement, and the Occupations in various cities around the country. I’m curious what folks think, and have found it ranges wildly, from those who are supportive and involved, to those who are confused, to those who are dismissive, to those who are just plain pissed off.

The question I invariably get from everyone who’s not supportive or involved is this: What do they want? That question is stated haltingly by the confused, and angrily by the offended, but it’s the common theme. And this surprises me. I think that’s been obvious from the beginning what inspired OWS and the other occupations, and I tell people that in addition to whatever local issues each city’s Occupy folks have shouldered, there are two issues.

The first is two-fold in and of itself: Accountability by the financial sector for crashing the economy, and setting up safeguards to keep it from happening again.

The second is jobs, and that’s not at all unrelated to the first concern.

Simple, yes? Big issues, but in essence it boils down to some very basic concerns.

So it was that this short clip from Bill Maher’s show, featuring Alan Grayson summing up the same points in a nice, quick delivery really struck a cord with me.  Thanks, Mr. Grayson.