Love this characterization, not in small part because there’s something of the earnest teenager about Paul Ryan:

The press is already accurately framing the pick as a clash of visions. But what’s more important is that Ryan’s vision remains vague. We still don’t know in any meaningful detail how he would achieve the deep cuts necessary to make that vision work.

Which raises a question: How aggressively will the news media scrutinize the true substantive nature of his vision? The press has done a great job pinning Romney down on the real implications of his tax plan, largely thanks to that unsparing Tax Policy Center study. Ryan, by contrast, has been widely accorded the presumption of fiscal “seriousness,” mainly because he looks so earnest and genuinely despairing in those videos that show him stalking the halls of Congress in the grip of existential deficit angst.

via With Ryan pick, Romney doubles down on economic radicalism – The Plum Line – The Washington Post.

My emphasis. Because it cracked me up.