Ann Friedman:

In the dating world, an infatuation with Ayn Rand is a red flag. You might not see it right away: Your date is probably conventionally attractive, decidedly wealthy, and doesn’t really talk politics. But then you get back to his apartment, set your bag down on his glass-topped coffee table, give his bookshelf the once-over — and find it lined with Ayn Rand.

You think back to your conversation at the bar: He treated flirtation like a conquest, a rationally self-interested sexual manifest destiny. He had some dumb pickup-artist questions and maybe a questionable accessory (a cravat? a fedora? a weird pinky ring?) but you overlooked these things, because he was quite charming.

But that dog-eared copy of Atlas Shrugged tells you everything you need to know. He sees himself as an objective iconoclast. He’s unapologetically selfish, because it’s only rational, he says. Sure, he grew up with money but he worked to get where he is today. He’s all about individual responsibility but he just isn’t, metaphorically, into wearing protection.

via Paul Ryan Is Your Annoying Libertarian Ex-Boyfriend – The Cut.

I suppose I’m posting the link and the first three paragraphs just so I don’t forget this article.  I’m not sure I ever had an annoying libertarian boyfriend, but I had numerous such friends (not romantic), and many of them ex-friends because of their annoying libertarian qualities, so it strikes quite the familiar chord. Ryan does really seem to be That Guy.  That Guy You Couldn’t Quit the Room Fast Enough Over.  THAT Guy.

And at first he seemed so charming.

She nailed it. Wow.