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Back in May, I started to write about the (not) winning combination we were seeing in the emerging administration.  I came across that draft this morning, and the saddest part was that it’s become the standard operating mode for the Trump White House.  In May, I could afford to look at the fumbling, chaotic administration as a young team of novices, getting their feet under them.

Not so much now.

I think a lot about this presidency. I think a lot about the incompetence.  Any hard-right administration would enrage and frustrate me, based on policy alone.  And indeed, a competent administration would have moved legislation through our Republican-controlled Congress, pulling the country sharply to the right.  We see some of this in the seating of Gorsuch on the bench, and scale-backs in the work of agencies like the EPA and various arms of the intelligence community. But most of the Trump’s efforts have floundered, due to his and his administration’s self imposed fuck-ups.

There is malice in their efforts to allow the poisoning of our environment, or cut accessible healthcare, or to yet again open up the financial markets to the dangers that led to the Great Recession.  It’s the ultimate “I’ve got mine, so fuck you” approach to federal government.  But the incompetence of Trump himself, and the people he’s put in place around him, have foiled the worst efforts they’ve put forward.  They are doing plenty of harm, no doubt, but the number of times they have stepped on their own feet, slammed rakes into their noggins, and pissed in the wind is alarming.  How can a group of supposed professionals manage things so very, very badly? It boggles the mind.

Every day offers up a new crisis, a new lie, some more background information on the strange and secretive behavior of the Trump campaign.  Every day provides some new ridiculous, clueless tweet.  Every day brings another story of a cabinet official who doesn’t know their job, an embarrassing interaction with a foreign power, another staffer who leaks panicky descriptions of the chaos and disorganization within the White House. Every morning I wake up and ask myself what new bizarre story will surface.

And almost every day delivers.

And every day I am offended. Sure, the policies this administration wants to push are just awful. But the mismanagement of the Office offends my sense of good government, of the honor due to the position of President.  Supposing we can get a sensible President elected in the future, how long will it take to get the stench of incompetence out of the Oval Office, and all of its associated agencies? How much of President Sensible’s time will be spent on reforging broken and beleaguered relationships inside and outside of our nation?

I hate that the country is moving towards the right, but I hate it even more that the effort is being led by a bunch of greedy, incompetent fools.  And I think in the long run, that is the more damaging feature of the Trump administration.


The farther we get into the Trump administration, the more bizarre the press conferences get.  I was going to try to put together a whole set of examples of Just How Bizarre (including, of course Melissa McCarthy spoofs), the pattern of classic Denial-Non-Denials, the outright lies, the demeaning of the press, the habit of our not-s0-dear leader contradicting his spokesfolk, the strange walling off of the press during certain events and trips, the shut down on video or audio feeds from time to time, and so on.  But I’ll cut to the chase here, as most of us tracking the Trump debacle are familiar with what I listed.

As a result of the Trump style of running a communications office, there are some people calling for a boycott on the White House press events.  If the Communications Office is just going to flat-out lie and mislead, what’s the point? If the press can’t get a straight answer out of the WH press office, why even bother?

I think a different tactic is called for.  Send an intern.

I don’t think the media should ignore the White House press office altogether.  It’s interesting to see what it is the administration wants to convey to the press.  It’s useful to look at the talking points they put out, and how (and when) Trump contradicts so much of it.  It’s important to track the disabling of the media at the hands of the Oval Office.  It’s critical that the lies, and unfulfilled promises, are on the record.

But do experienced journalists need to do this? Particularly when the Trump and his team have allowed media such as conspiracy theory website infowars, or Brietbart, in as official WH correspondents, isn’t it a bit of an insult to put qualified journalists in the same staged, fake-news event as those hacks?  I do have some sympathy for the boycott idea, after all.

But nope, I say send in the newbies, let them cut their teeth on this sham of an administration while real journalists do real work elsewhere.  When (and hopefully it’s not an “if”) things ever get back to normal, they can sort out who belongs in those chairs.  While those chairs represent sitting for a crafted, disingenuous, distracting performance, let the interns track it.

There’s a pretty frequent appeal these days for just ignoring Trump’s tweets. The argument goes: Trumps tweets are a distraction; while we’re defending whoever he’s attacking this time, and doing fact checking, and generally rolling our eyes, his administration is off in the darker corners implementing policies that threaten and dismantle the progress we’ve gained over the last decades. That’s where our attention should be, and focusing on the tweets just pulls the focus off the more important stuff.

Yes, and no.

Sure, the tweets are distracting.  In some sense, I think they are meant to be distracting.  I’m not sure Trump views it that way – I suspect he’s unable to stop responding to whatever burr gets under his saddle, regardless of how unwise it may be to do so. But does his staff allow the twitter wars to go on because it keeps the focus off their attempts to change policy? Keep the attention, the press in particular, on the tweets, and they get less pushback on the policy changes sfavoring the rich and upper class, by dismantling social support for the needy.


The tweets themselves are worth paying attention to.  They tell us where Trump’s vulnerabilities lie. They focus attention on what he hates, what he values. They are wonderful fodder for pushing back and further irritating the delicate man baby.  They allow Trump to dig himself deeper and deeper. Trump is someone who will never take Molly Ivan’s advice* and therefore displays his weaknesses for all to see.  And for all to prey upon.

And the twitter wars seemed strangely timed to cover, intentionally or not, efforts of the Trump administration to dismantle the decades-long efforts of moderates and progressives to foster a more stable and compassionate society.  So, where a twitter war begins, it’s worth looking at what else is happening.

And the third advantage of the twittergasms is that a wealth of witty and smart responses unfolds, both in the 140-or-less world of twitter, and the more loquacious locale of media in general, along with more than a few living rooms and coffee houses.  There is a certain strength that comes from sharing a mutual eyeroll, and that strength can fuel the energy needed for  research in to the policy changes that actually have long term consequences.

Don’t love the twittering from ol’ 45, but it can be used to our advantage.



* “The first rule of holes: When you’re in one stop digging.” That’s Molly’s version, but apparently it’s a twist on an old Will Rogers quote, and probably goes back further.

Whole lotta white guys. Just sayin’

quick take away:

Comey established that the president tried to obstruct justice.

Trump only cares about the impact of the investigation on him; Trump doesn’t care if there was interference by Russia, only how it reflects on him.

A few of the Republicans are not complete dicks.

Comey did a fairly nice job addressing the actual responsibilities of the Director of the FBI, to the public and to the WH. It doesn’t involve “loyalty” oaths to the person of the President.

John McCain is losing it.


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