This page exists to archive some older posts from other blogs I’ve kept.

Sister Artemis Blathers on About Books

I kept a blog for a spell at the beta-project “Yahoo 360.”  I had contributed to the blog very infrequently after initially using it to track my reading over the course of several months.  Then, Yahoo suspended the project this summer, but for posterity, here are the posts, mostly related to fiction and a couple of social issues here and there.

Sister’s Election Collection

Things I wrote, and links to good articles I read during the 2008 presidential campaign.  This is a port over from a couple of different Google Sites pages, but it kind of works better in this format.

Please note that this collection of pages (and perhaps all) are subject to… well… modification  from time to time, as items are unearthed from my files.  By the way, that would be both computerized and actual physical stuffed-in-a-manilla-folder and found at the bottom of the closet files.